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[Lyrics] Jesu Olore – Jide David ft Ola Micheal


Call: Jesu o olore,
Res: Jesu o olore
Call: ibikibi tin bawa
Res: ibikibi tin bawa
Call : Ayekaye temi lewa
Res :Ayekaye temi lewa
Call: I will always praise Jehovah
Res: I will always praise Jehovah
…Jesu ooo olore

I lift my hands to you , I give you all the praise
The rock of my salvation
I bow before your trone
Oge ori soke
You place me with the king, that is the reason why am singing glory to your name
Jesu oo olore……

Solo 2
Morababa morababa
Babaagba arugbo ojo
Eyin Nikon Almighty God
Only you me go adore
Mo appreciate ESE ojo
Eyin lakemobi oju
Esore to jomiloji
Ejeki deni itiju
Jehovah Jere olore
Mosun moji morire
Molo lona mokore
Left and right mokorede
Front and back ire sole
Jejeje Jesu o oo olore …

I will tell the world about your goodness
Things you do for me he make sense
Testify your love in kindness
Cause you are the
Ooo,ooo,ooo you are the ooo,ooo,ooo, olore
Oh my Jesu Kristi ni designer
Ooo ooo ooo olore
…ooo ooo ooo olore


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